Factors associated with Non-adherence in Chronic Patients with Multiple Comorbid Conditions


Unaiza Jawad, Muhammad Saqib Rabbani, Fariha Asghar and Mujtaba Muhammad

Background: To determine the association of nonadherence to the various age groups and related sociodemographic factors, this study was conducted.
Materials and Methods: In different departments of Services Hospital Lahore, a cross-sectional survey was conducted. 370 patients voluntarily participated in the study. The data was collected using a questionnaire. The data was analyzed using chisquare. The level of significance was 0.05%.
Results: In this study, 33.3% of patients were below the age of 40 years and 46.3% of patients were above the age of 40 years and were not adherents because of the experience that they did not get benefit from the treatment. Similarly, 21.5% of patients below age 40 and 22.3% of patients above age 40 think that they do not need medicine. 38.5% of patients below age 40 and 54.3% of patients aged above 40 stopped medicine after becoming better.
Conclusion: None-adherence found more prevalent among elderly patients.

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